Authors, and Rules of the Game

A few people have started novels on Twitter, but never a dual-authored cross-cultural garden-centered crime story – until now.  To begin, we have each set our narrative on our own side of the Atlantic, and we shall bring the plots together in the most astonishing fashion (you’ll see) by the ending, if not before…

Here are the  two authors who are at work on Uncanny Death:

Twitter user: Egfrith–lives in Scotland–(a.k.a. Kininvie at his garden blog, found here— a reader of complex crime genre (among a great many other things), a writer, a gardener, a photographer, and a proponent of turnips.

Twitter user: bkista–lives in the state of Oregon, western USA–(a.k.a. Linnie at  her garden blog, found here –a reader of character-driven fiction (among a great many other things), a writer of sorts, a gardener, and a sunflower specialist. (Right.)

Rules for the writers:

We have deliberately avoided advance collaboration on plot or character.  However, each author has sent the other six words to give some small clue as to what is in their own devious mind.

In Egfrith’s mind are:  MKULTRA,  Datura, 103, Kielder, #uncannydeath, blind date

In bkista’s mind are:  Art, Seance, Aconitum, Kayak, Tunnel, Geodesic

The story is being  initially written on Twitter (something added almost every day) and is regularly edited and transcribed to this blog.

Twitter is a demanding medium. You are not going to find lengthy paragraphs or in-depth character studies at 140 characters per tweet. But there are compensations….

Each author can intervene with “tweets” within the other’s narrative and set such traps as they choose.

We can also each tweet “aside” comments, or possibly outrage. These appears in bracketed tweets, very entertaining for you, like watching a domestic quarrel from a safe place outside the neighbors’  house…

Follow the story on Twitter:

To get the story installments immediately, as they are written, ask to follow BOTH of our accounts on Twitter, (user Egfrith and user bkista). Both accounts are private, but ask to follow and we will let you in right away.

(We have noticed there is sometimes a delay for Twitter to respond– don’t despair! And know that we don’t follow back, in order to keep only the mystery story in our timeline.)

So, say you are following us on Twitter. You notice right away that we are tweeting A LOT.  (Can’t write a novel without words!)  So you might want to create a new Twitter List, and put just Egfrith and bkista on it. That will keep our theft, murders, adultery etc. out of your Timeline but accessible through your account’s new list.

Since we don’t follow you, you can’t tweet back at us. However, you may comment…

Follow the story here, on the Uncanny Death blog.

Love it, Hate it, Correct it.

Comments are open on any page of this blog. And boy do we like comments! So please just say what you think about that poor dead cat or anything else, right here on the blog, we can take it!

In addition, we welcome comments from experts (forensic toxicologists, detectives, art dealers, botanists, architects etc) on where we have gone wrong.  We also welcome suggestions for plot developments,  useful links for research, and anything else that may help us complete this appalling task with panache and to universal acclaim.

Selected comments from readers may be included within the narrative – especially where they expose our awful ignorance or inability to spell, or provide inspiration, encouragement, or generally help Scottish/American relations, or the cause of online crime novels.

We shall try to complete this before April, when gardening takes priority once more.


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